Do You Take Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Side Effects of Taking Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Prenatal vitamins do not contain hormones or any other substances that are specifically meant for pregnant women; hence they CAN be taken by non-pregnant women as well. Although prenatal vitamins are known to be safe, some people may observe a few adverse effects.

Prenatal vitamins contain high amount of iron, which can cause constipation, indigestion as well as iron poisoning. People with an existing chronic disease such as a kidney disorder should consult their physician before taking prenatal vitamins.

Though there are no formal scientific studies to confirm that prenatal vitamins do in fact help with hair growth, there are still many benefits in taking prenatal vitamins to help grow your hair, pregnant or not pregnant.

These vitamins help in providing women with various essential nutrients that promotes healthy hair, however, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth to eliminate any unforeseen matters.

Have you taken prenatal vitamins to help grow your own hair? What other nutrients or food sources do you take that you think helps in having healthy hair? Share with us and let us know.


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  1. Nelia says:

    I’m sure that are harmful effects of using prenatal vitamins if you are not pregnant. There is a big difference in the ingredients that can cause harmful effects to the body. Consult your dermatologist about your condition why you take prenatal vitamins for growth hair.
    Nelia recently posted..http://hairloss24.comMy Profile

    • Vitamin-World Support says:

      There certainly can be side effects to using prenatal vitamins if you’re not pregnant. Prenatal vitamins have more iron and folic acid in them to help with pregnancy needs. Non pregnant women who still plan to get pregnant will definitely benefit from these vitamins, but again you should still see your physician who can prescribe for you what you really need.

      But if you just want to take prenatal vitamins thinking that your hair will grow longer, thicker and fuller than you’re wasting your time and your money. It’s not the vitamins that make hair grow so lushly on pregnant women; it’s their hormones. New moms’ are going through a lot of hormonal changes during this phase of their life.

      Instead take a regular multivitamin, or better yet eat your fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals from all your food groups will go a long way to help your hair get the nourishment it needs.

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