What are Electrolytes and What are the Most Common Sources of Electrolytes?

Sources of Electrolytes

People can get more electrolytes from numerous food sources, which include:

Foods with calcium: Calcium is used by the body for blood clotting, bone and teeth formation, enzyme and muscle function, and normal heart rhythms. Beans, dairy products, eggs, fish with bones like sardines, fortified breakfast cereals, fruits like dried apricots and figs, and vegetables like asparagus and collard greens, all contain calcium.

Foods with inorganic sulfates: Food sources can also help replenish inorganic sulfates, which are also electrolytes. Bread, coconut milk, dried fruit, meats, red and white wine, all contain sulfates.

Foods with magnesium: bone and teeth development, enzyme activation, muscle and nerve function is supported by magnesium. Beans, cereals, leafy green vegetables, nuts and tomato paste, contain magnesium.

Foods with potassium: Potassium helps in preventing kidney stones and bone loss, regulating blood pressure and promoting normal cell function. Multiple fruits and vegetables, particularly bananas, beans, collard greens and kale, melons, oranges, peas, potatoes, prunes, spinach and turnip greens contain potassium.

Foods with sodium chloride: Various foods contain both sodium and chloride, and fluid balance in the body, so that cells function properly, is maintained by them. Beef, bread, cheese, corn, olives, pork, sardines and sauerkraut are among the foods that contain sodium and chloride. Even canned and processed foods containing added salt like chips, deli meats and snacks like butter, margarine, nuts, etc. contain sodium chloride.

Try shopping at health food stores and ask questions and see what kind of electrolyte drinks they have available there. Look for coconut water. This natural electrolyte drink is low in sugars and will help rejuvenate you after strenuous exercise and a lot of sweating.

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