What are Electrolytes and What are the Most Common Sources of Electrolytes?

Sports Drinks

When it comes to replacing electrolyte imbalance, apart from foods, sports drinks are also one of the common sources of electrolytes that are infused with them. Numerous branded sports drinks are available in the market and they are mostly meant to be used by athletes, who lose a lot of electrolytes during exercise and sports.

Apart from exercise and sports activities, electrolyte imbalance can also be caused by numerous medical conditions as well. Conditions that affect the kidneys, causing the absorption of minerals and vitamins to become limited, are the main cause behind electrolyte imbalance. Even anorexia, bulimia, dehydration, poor diet and certain medications can affect the levels of electrolytes in the body.

Nonetheless, a balance of electrolytes within the body is necessary for the body to functional normally. This is why it is important to be aware of the sources of electrolytes and eat foods rich in electrolytes or even use sports drinks if necessary. But personally, I think the best way to make sure your body is hydrated enough without worry about electrolyte balance is just to drink a glass of water and have a banana and a few pretzels or chips or something.

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