What is Calcium and How Does Calcium Affect Your Health

Calcium is actually a soft alkaline earth metal and is one of the most plentiful elements on this planet. It is also the most abundant mineral inside your body. The point to note is that although it’s found all over the planet naturally, it is NOT found in the body…naturally.

We must supply our bodies  with this life saving mineral by eating and drinking calcium containing foods.

More than 99% of the calcium that you consume lay within your bones and in your teeth. Less than 1% of the calcium gets used to help out with other body parts via your blood such as:

  • Muscles and blood vessels where Calcium helps them to contract and expand. Body builders will attest to this one with all the protein shakes they drink
  • Hormones and enzymes. These can only be secreted throughout your body with the help of calcium, and then there’s… 
  • Your nervous system as it needs calcium to help it communicate by sending messages throughout your body

Calcium Benefits:

From reading the above, you may assume that your body itself is reaping the rewards by taking in more calcium, but it doesn’t stop there.  Pregnant moms need to take in more calcium, preferably from food, as their unborn child will take calcium from the mother’s own bones if she doesn’t “keep up”.

As note above, the two most obvious benefits of including calcium as part of your diet lie in its ability to help you build strong bones and teeth. But there are other benefits as well.

The greatest benefits are with infants and children because they require more calcium as they are in the “growing” stages of their lives…and we tend to notice things like that…

Other Benefits of Calcium

1. Calcium can also prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases in senior citizens, especially women. Many older ladies get broken bones and hips easily from falling.

2 – It can treat heartburn and treat indigestion

3 – Calcium can stop PMS symptoms (premenstrual syndrome)

4 – It’s also linked to the prevention of many cancers including Type 2 Diabetes.

There is no conclusive medical evidence but there is encouraging news on more benefits of taking calcium supplements:

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  1. Michael Screw says:

    It’s good for having stronger and healthier bones. But too much Calcium can possible lead of side effects in the bones and other body parts. In my case, I’m taking MX Vitamin D once a day only which is good enough to cater for my bone needs in calcium.

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